Issa Urban Scholar.

In the summer of 2015, I started this Internship program called Urban Scholars. Urban Scholars is a¬†leadership and professional development internship program providing students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with distinctive professional experience. Focused on essential leadership skills and creating resume-building career pathways, Urban Scholars is training the next generation of leaders. And the... Continue Reading →


Friendships...many things and events pop up in my mind when I hear the word friendships, because I've had great friendships and I've had horrible friendships. You know as growing up you always try to find yourself, so you hang out with people that are out of your comfort zone so you can fit in...yup that... Continue Reading →

Females Love Trap Music.

Yes, this is accurate. Not just pretty girls love trap music but most females(especially women of color) loves to listen to trap music. For those who don't know what trap music is..I'm going to give you a brief introduction. Here's a link to define Trap Music for you:¬† You might be thinking...why do women love... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay..

It's okay to be unapologetic.. It's okay to be authentic... It's okay to have self-love... It's okay to be yourself and not becoming something you're not... It's okay to cry... It's okay to be independent... It's okay to be alone... Why it is okay for these seven aspects? Because sometimes in life you go through... Continue Reading →

New Blog Who Dis?

Hello! I am so excited to welcome everyone to my new blog. I hope everyone can enjoy, especially for my black sistas. I thought about doing a blog since I was in high school but never had enough time to make those plans, and now here I am. Plus I'm only working a job right... Continue Reading →

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